Thursday, November 27, 2008

CakePHP vs RoR

Why you still with CakePHP? Why don't switch onto Ruby on Rails?

Just interesting to know...

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Blogger SeanW said...

I've dropped Cake in favour of RoR.

The biggest reason is that Ruby is much more fun for me than PHP. I've been programming PHP since it was PHP/FI, and the language just gets cruftier with every year. Do I put an underscore in there? Have I compiled that module into my web server? Ick.

Secondly, Rails is just so thoughtfully put together. I started off my framework work with Cake and then picked up the "Rails for PHP programmers" book. That bridge to RoR showed me all the things that Cake was trying to be were already in Rails.


6:51 PM  
Blogger Silver Knight said...

SeanW said "That bridge to RoR showed me all the things that Cake was trying to be were already in Rails."

All the things that Cake was trying to be? Maybe, except for one little detail...

(Pay attention to this point, folks, as it's an important one.)
Rails is not and never will be PHP. It's RUBY...

Cruft or not, PHP is what I already happen to know how to code in. It's what the other members of my team know how to code. It's what's installed on my web host. (I could go on here, but you get the point...)

I'm not saying it's better or worse than Ruby. Just that Ruby isn't an option for some people, and it's nice to have the goodness of CakePHP available to take a LOT of the pain out of programming in PHP.

If Ruby is an option for you, then by all means, use Rails. If not, and you must use PHP, then CakePHP is probably one of the closest things to Rails that you can currently find in PHP.

Oh, and thank you to the CakePHP team for all your hard work! Some of us very much appreciate CakePHP. :)

Final note:
Please don't try to start a "my language is better than your language" war here over my comment as I do not actually advocate any one particular language over another.

Especially, do not try to start an argument with me about why Ruby is better than PHP, as I will neither see your comments nor care enough to reply to them. Everything I plan to say on the matter has been stated in this comment already.

My personal belief is that the BEST language to code in is the one that gets the job done. Use what you like, and be happy.

8:24 PM  
Blogger MarcS said...

I actually prefer Rails over Cake.
But I currently work on the project where php is mandatory because it will have to run on quite a few servers and easy setup is required.

Many times when I'm using Cake I wish I could use Rails. The main reason is that the ActiveRecord implementation is much, much better in rails than it is in cake.

9:43 AM  

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