Wednesday, September 03, 2008

dateTime bugs

Strange error in the helpers who is responsible for form:

echo $ form-> dateTime ( "Showtime", "DMY", 24, null, array ( "minYear" => 2008, "maxYear" => 2012, 'monthNames' => false, "interval" => 15) false);

All right? Everything!

However, in html see the following code:

< name="data[Showtime][Showtime][day]" id="ShowtimeShowtimeDay">
< value="01"> 1
< / select> -
< name="data[Showtime][month]" id="ShowtimeMonth">
< value="01"> 01

Why do we have chosen day encoded twice Showtime? Other parameters are coded properly. If only not forget that in order to set the interval mode 24 hours a day, should be a bit sub-source code (ticket already established).

We are talking about CakePHP 1.2 RC2

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Blogger Rafael Bandeira said...

when you get something that you _think_ that is a bug, you should post it here: and not *here*.

9:56 AM  

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