Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I went to see w3school statistics browsers… However, employment trend emerges.

As this is still statistics, that is close to the "Rules on Water" does not look at absolute figures, but on the relative changes…

2004, IE = 76.2%

2005, IE = 68.9% Fx 23.6%

In 2006 IE = 60.6% Fx 29.9%

In 2007 IE = 57% Fx 36.3%

2008, IE = 50.6% Fx 43.7%

Even if there plus minus 5-10% in accuracy. The trend, nevertheless, to the person. And yet here, I think Google Chrome will make serious amendments to the statistics.

According to statistics LiveInternet for September 1-7 at GC 0.6%, for 8-14 September (but today only 9 - e!) - 0.8%

Less percent, is, of course drop in the ocean. But this is not two weeks have passed since the advent of the browser. All the more useful feature such as - creating web application - again, this is NOT FireFox from "unclear whom", and the great Google (! That for companies and offices important), fast (as promised) processing Javascript that in my opinion it is not important, but arhivazhno, Google Chrome opportunity to establish normal user under Windows without resorting to the services administrator (not personally experimented, but overhear in podcasts).

IE as I see it, CMS for the site can be targeted at Google Chrome (almost Safari), a company with more likely to agree to set Chrome (FF on - the refusal of nearly 100% - I do not know why). And fast work with JS - also can not fail to please users jquery / prototype and (especially) extjs.

Honestly admit, I personally Google Chrome has not yet watched. Wait a formal assembly under poppy (Google shame!)

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