Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zyxel, MacBook & WiFi troubles

As you know, I'm a happy owner a Apple Macbook. Also, for home mobile development ;-) I get Zyxel 660HTW2EE (ADSL modem + router + WiFi).

But my happy wasn't long ;-(

MacBook drop WiFi connection every 30-60 minutes (when WPA2-PSK). Or drop connect and Zyxel make could restart (!). And I have 3-5 minutes without Internet, without network (terrible! ;-)

When I'm switching into WPA-PSK mode, I get stable connection, Zyxel hasn't restarting. But speed is so slow ;-( max - 110KB/sec (It's 802.11g mode!) Terrible..

After reading a lot of forum/blog and manuals I switch off any WPA, and setup MAC-Filter for my MacBook. Now I have stable connect. STable working of Zyxel, stable Wifi in MacBook.

You may ask me - why you don't by AirPort from Apple? 

I have answer ;-) 
Because AirPort doesn't have ADSL modem ;-( Yep. In my region we using ADSL internet. still... 

So, If you happy from your Zyxel & MacBook - switch off any WPA/WPA2 coding, setup Mac Filter and have fun with WiFi Internet on  your notebook...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to tell you that mac filtering isnt really secure - anyone with a sniffer can see what MACs you're letting in and change his MAC to one of them. WPA with a strong password is the only secure thing (WEP is ~hour to crack).

10:51 AM  
Blogger Vlad said...

you quite right!
But with any secure (WEP, WPA, WPA2) - a have a lot problem with stability in connect ;-(

2:18 PM  

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