Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hm. Cake 1.2RC2 & baker

It's very strange, but I cann't use this cake baker under MacOS ;-(

If I starting terminal cake (from pack dmg) I can read only help and resume: Process completed. And could not put any symbol

If I starting terminal, and go to my site directory and run:

bash cake bake

I can create "skeleton" of my web application in directory myapp. Now cake not want to use this subdir and I'm moving files into /cake/console/..

After this I type: bash cake bake
& setup database.php setup. Of couse, I know - this file has not mistakes (Yep, I'm copy database.php into site/app/config/ and read this "Cake is able to connect to database". So - My database setup is nice, and MySQL server work properly.

So. I returning into cake/console, and run bash cake bake - for creating model. But, after I choose database config "default" (yep My database config is really calling default) I get 3 warning about impossible to connect to database throw sockets and get finally message about "database haven't any tables" but this is wrong! I have tables.

And of cause, I'm using MAMP

Where is mistake? I don't know ;-(

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