Friday, July 13, 2007

I Find The Own Bug in Code

It's very strange, but it's still don't solve this problem.

So. I have 3 copy of sites in my hosting (equal code, equal MySQL, etc).

But present small difference...

In two copies of code function $this->{$Model}->SetId($id); working properly...

in one copy - doesn't.

Why? I don't know. Version of CakePHP 1.15.... May be some bug in code? Unnecessary space, comma? I don't know.

Full week I hunting for this bug ;-) And only I'm add "//" before SetId construction, I get normal working.

(I mean bug was: empty records was adding to table, without any system or any conforming.

Now code work (without SetId). Yep. Only one week ;-))


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