Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News of CakePHP!

Hi to everyone!

I'm so sorry for long time without any posts. But, I hope, from this time I will write pften ;-)

So. If you don't visit Official Site of CakePHP - do it now. And you can get fresh version of CakePHP ;-)

I'm already get fresh 1.2 alpha, and reading in changes about next 1.2 will be BETA.

I think - it's good time to start learning 1.2 version, because is too many differences between 1.1 & 1.2 version, and when (I think about september/october) 1.2 version will have status: release, we had a lot knowledges about 1.2 and use them in full power.

Well, I think next my posting will be oriented for newbie in Cake and newbie in 1.2 (like me ;-)))

My last works in CakePHP use standard features, standard function. I understand, all around is Web 2.0, Web 3.0 etc. But my clients always say: "We want some new, difference from other" but, when our small web-company finishing project, they say "All good, but it's so unusual... Please make it like at site .... " ;-)

Well, that's all, folks! I'm going to learn 1.2

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