Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tools For CakePHP

It's a small post about my tools, what I use for development my site in CakePHP style.

So. First of all about mu workplace: it's standart PC (born in 2004 year ;-) with Windows 2000 on board (yes, yes, I understand, but it's corporative style & I cann't change anything ;(

Editor: I use notepad++. He is small, useful, freeware. Yep. He hasn't a lot of feature. but if you write code on CakePHP framework, you must know - it's not necessary ;-)) Notepad++ is really useful tool in my comp.

Development: I use Denver. It's small self-install package with PHP, MySQL & apache. (doesn't work at Vista!). just 4-5 Mb, one-two clicks and I have useful local websites for coding, testing etc. Don't forget about proxy! ;-) If you made local site with same name like your real site, you will less a lot time, why understand: "I made change in code... Why it's not working???" like me ;-) Don't forget about it.

And last. I use FAR manager for uploading/downloading. Yep it's not so beauty like standard windows application, but small & useful. And free for people living in exUSSR ;-)


Ops! Yep, I am using chm version of CakePHP manual, PHP manual. But now CakePHP manual is too old for coding (but very nice for newbie and understanding "how it's works???").

That's all! Have a nice coding & sorry again about my poor english


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