Monday, September 03, 2007

Password Reminder

I have some idea about "How To Remind Password".

Firsd idea in: I don't want to store password in database. Only md5('pass').
Second idea: I haven't time to programming scheme like: Forgot password? -> Get e-mail with shortlifetime links -> Go To url -> Get new password in your mailbox Or Type in special fields.

So. For my small, fast forum engine I use remindpassword from CheeseCake (PhotoBlog) ;-)
for my user password. And. Yes, I bad boy ;), I had store user's password in DB ;-( Anyway admin password only in md5 ;-)

It's not commercial site, project, and not so secure forum, so, next time, I promise, I'll write more secure password remind code ;-)

But, I think, If cheesecake store admin pass in open-view i DB, why I cann't? ;-)))


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