Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New jQuery 1.2.2: 300% speedup!

From jQuery Blog:

On the 2nd anniversary of jQuery’s release we’re proud to bring you a brand new release of jQuery. This is primarily a bug fix release for jQuery 1.2. You can view the full list of what was fixed on the bug tracker.


jQuery 1.2.2:

As I see, now we have 28kb of js code... One year ago we had 16kb... And this fact was a great argument to choice this library for development. Now, after getting a lot of funs, jquery grows up ;-)

Also, I didn't see a big problem in size. Year ago I had 512kb/128kb ADSL, now I have 1M/512kb in same price. Other guys (I think so) have speedup them Internet connection to. So, Long Live jQuery! ;-)



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