Monday, October 15, 2007

List, JQuery & CakePHP

In my work I will need a online change droplist.

So. I have list of countries, and of course, every country have a lot of cities. And we don't need to put ALL tons of cities in our html code. What we must do?

I don't work with prototype, I love jquery, and I wrote small code in jquery & cakephp.

First, user select country, then script AJAX-working upload list of cities, and user can select needing city.

How? Look my add.thtml (ctp):

For country select:

selectTag('Realty/country_id', $country_list,null,null,null,true)?>

And city select:

selectTag('Realty/city_id', $city_list,null,null,null,true)?>


In top of add.thtml I wrote:

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#RealtyCountryId").change( function () {
$("#sel_city").html("Please wait...");
$.get("/realties/sel_city", {id: $("#RealtyCountryId").val()}, function (data) { $("#sel_city").html(data)} );


And, of course, in realties_controller I have sel_city function:

function sel_city()
$this->layout = null;
$id = intval($this->params['url']['id']);
if (! $id) exit;
$this->City->unbindModel(array('hasMany' => array('Realty'), 'belongsTo' => array('Country')));
$city_list = $this->City->generateList('country_id = ' . $id,'name ASC');

Yep! ;-) Any questions? ;-)


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